Our 28th Year

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Music Master Reel Tape transfer to CD
Music Master Reel Tape transfer to CD

Basic Unit Price: $30.00

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Formats accepted ; 1/4" Tape @ 15 , 7.5 ips , 3 3/4 ips, 1/2 track or 1/4 Track .

Tapes with Dolby SR or A or dbx Noise Reduction is an additlonal charge of $50 for setup & alignment.)
We make transfers of Reel to Reel Tapes onto CD from professional Studer, Otari & AKAI analog tape equipment so your tape can sound as good as possible.

Billed at $1.97 per minute with $30 per tape minimum.
Master analog Tape Transfer to Digital We convert your music from reels to digital. From tape to CD, DVD, or your own USB or Firewire Drive, We can store as .aif or .bwav at 24 bit @ 44.1 , 48 , 96 khz Final Rate is billed at $1.77 per minute with a $30 per tape minimum.