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Submitting your Master
  • Sending a proofed audio CD-R master is the best way to ensure there are no errors on your duplicates.
  • CD must be in stereo 16/44.1 aif as a standard audio CD, IDENTICAL to what u are expecting getting back  (Redbook audio standard) We use this as a production master CD. Two seconds between tracks is the default unless you tell us otherwise.
  • DO NOT send us wav or other non RED Book standard files UNLESS you expect to tell us & pay us to convert or master the assembled Production Master CD.
  • No MP3s, wav or AAC ! We can help you convert formats if needed. But it is going to cost some $ for us to assemble, burn a disc, have you proof it, all before we can make your duplicates.
  • Label your files with track numbers and make sure the song titles are spelled correctly.
  • If you have UPC Barcode / ISRC Code / & CD-TEXT data, or special instructions about pauses between tracks, or cross-fades, include this info in a text document or email.       Crossfades or special stuff  may have a charge for engineering time.
  • CD-R Masters should be burned as an "audio CD."  Nero, Roxio, iTunes can all create Audio CDs.  Use quality duplication or archival grade media for your masters and not cheap office store brands or low budget CD's like Memorex.
  • CD-R Masters have less errors of them if burned between 8x and 16x speed.  We are not responsible for errors on duplications due to faulty master CDs. 
  • Send master disc in a protective case and label it "CD Master for Duplication."

Technical Note: Will your duplicated Disc be compatible with all players?

When we make duplicates we use JVC and Falcon high quality blank media that is very compatible but we do not guarantee complete compatibility with all CD players out there, especially older or low budget ones. 
By using quality blank media CD-Rs, industry burners, and slow burn speeds, we do everything possible to ensure you get the most compatibility possible.  Almost any new CD audio player will play your CD with no problem.  Our CD's are burned to the industry standard specifications using industry practices. 
Some older or very inexpensive players CD players that were made prior to the standards may have problems reading the CD.  Chances are you will not have any problems, but it is possible. 
It should also be noted that not all new music CDs that are manufactured will play on all CD players.  Many new CDs are dual discs or have data which can cause problems on some older or less expensive players. 
 "CD Replication", which is available for orders of 500+ guarantees wider compatibility.