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Print Specifications for Packaging and On Disc Print

File Specifications:

  • We only accept Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Press quality PDF formats
  • All files must be in CMYK color mode not RGB
  • Pixel resolution must be 300 DPI at least, and not 72 DPI (dots per inch)
  • All designs should have bleed extended 1/4inch beyond the trim line
  • Keep important text or graphics 1/8inch from the trim line (safety margin)
  • Do not add crop marks
  • Do not knock on the center hole in disc print designs
  • Convert all text to OUTLINES or send us your fonts (do not rasterize fonts in photoshop)
  • Use the templates we provide
  • Do not embed the templates. Put them on a separate layer to turn on & off. Embedded lines in templates will show up in your final print.
  • Proof your files! We can’t be responsible for typos or wrong order/content, etc.
  • ID your stuff! Clearly mark your CD or DVD media with contact & phone & file list and name your electronic files with our order number.
  • If your project requires a custom format, please call our Graphics Manager for additional pricing & information

We Design!
If you don’t want to understand all this!

Disc Color Printing Processes on the disc itself

Short Run discs are printed in house using the highest quality 600 DPI Everest Thermal Printing technology. Although it looks fantastic,
we cannot guarantee perfect color matching for these types of prints.
Do not knock out the center of the CD or DVD art.  Leave the art to the center of the CD or DVD. Use cross hairs to indicate the center of the disc. The non-printable center of the CD or DVD will be masked out in production.


Must be included on your files if they are to appear on the final print. We will provide a bar code number upon request at the time the order is initiated and a deposit is received.  Add it to your digital layout.
Do not monkey with the size of the Barcode! It should be 1.25”w x 0.5”h. on a white background box in black bars only as an .eps  to maintain resolution. Barcodes can also be in the form of stickers applied to the cellowrap at a slight additional charge.
Barcodes must be produced in vector based programs so don’t do tiff or Photoshop.


You must preflight all images to ensure print quality.
Problems that delay production & incur additional charges include:
  • Application incompatibilities
  • Missing Fonts or Missing Graphics
  • Embedded templates.
  • Embedded objects with low resolution & spot color info. Don’t use 72 DPI images. Use at least 300.
  • File submitted as 4 color process when desired output is spot color.
  • Improper bleeds.

Any changes we make to your artwork MUST be proofed by you either over email.  Color matching between printed packaging and on disc print is often not possible unless Pantone inks are used on both prints.  Laser & inkjet prints are not color match proofs. We can make a Match Print for you at an extra charge.
Correct spelling, order, etc is your responsibility.

Notes about proofs: Digital JPEG and PDF proofs are to be used to consider content, placement and spelling. Digital proofs are not to be used for color matching or print quality. Digital proofs are saved at a lower quality than print files so that they are easily sent via email. Your print files will be printed at the industry standard 300dpi instead of the internet-friendly 72dpi. If you are concerned about color matching or print quality, we urge you to order a printed proof of your artwork. We, along with any printers we work with, do not guarantee color matching to any type of digital file. We do not spell-check or proofread any text. You, or your client, are responsible for proofreading and spell-checking all the text in your artwork.  Beware that colors and brightness may be different in your final print because not all computer monitors are calibrated and certain image previewing utilities like Preview on a Mac will display images brighter than they actually are.

Any delay in approving proofs begins to affect your delivery date and deadline. Please respond quickly with approval or any types of issues you see in the files. Please be aware that the first two sets of proofs you receive are included with your order but further proof sets are added to your order as graphic design time starting at 15 minutes for 2 additional sets of proofs.

Technical Tips:

  • RGB files are a no no ! We will have to convert RGB to CMYK. Be aware there are often color shifts when this is done.
  • All screen & printer fonts must be included or must be turned to OUTLINES.
  • Photoshop, because it’s raster/bitmap is not recommend for text- vector based programs like Illustrator or InDesign should be used for applying text.
  • When building PMS colors using 4 color process show the target PMS colors on the proof print.
  • Minimum text size is 6 point.  Don't make your text so tiny old folks can't read it.

Please feel free to contact us or have your designer contact us with any questions about graphics.

Uploading Files

Please call or Email to let us know when you have uploaded your files.

  • Please supply digital files as Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.
  • Make sure you save InDesign with Package to collect all files to be sure nothing’s left out.
  • Include copies of all linked files.
  • Include all fonts that are used within the job, or convert all text to outlines and curves.
  • All that is submitted must be compressed (Stuffit or WinZip) & in one folder with your CDPDX order number in the file name.

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