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TERMS OF BUSINESS for Duplication Services
ONLY submit a project that is identical to the format you are expecting your discs to be returned as!!
In other words do not send us .wav files unless you want us to convert them and then have you proof your CD.
If its an Audio CD, send your master CD files as 16 bit/44.1 .aif.
Not as wav, mp3, or AAC UNLESS you want your duplicates made as such!
If you need help see us for pro music mastering. We can format a master disc for making your copies.

I have full authority to act on behalf of the group or artist (if other than myself) for which CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. will perform duplication or other services, and I may therefore agree to these provisions on its behalf. I understand that full payment is required for the initiation of my order. No C.O.D.’s or personal checks for shipped orders. Net 15 days O.A.C. for corporate clients. Purchase orders from institutions are accepted.
By placing an order on this website you agree:
A. No materials may be released until FINAL PAYMENT is made. Any remaining balance is due upon completion of my order.
B. Balances over 15 days are subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month which I agree to pay, and that CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. is not responsible for these materials at this point.
C. In the event I fail to pay within 15 days from invoice completion, fail to accept delivery or pick up finished product within 15 days from invoice completion, CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. has the right to dispose of, or use any such material on hand in any way it chooses. In this case all prepared or finished materials, physical or data, etc. become property of SuperDigital Ltd.
D. I agree to indemnify CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd, its employees & contractors as they act solely as the manufacturer of my supplied product. Therein CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. does do not assume any liability for talent payroll, talent royalties, publisher’s royalties, or for any infringement of any rights by the clients, nor does CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd., its employees and contractors assume any responsibility and/or other costs in the recording of the program recorded.
E. Audio restoration service does not imply that we will be available as “expert witnesses”.
F. Prices are F.O.B. Portland, OR., and shipping is via FedEx unless otherwise specified. Shipping insurance is added only upon direct written request by client prior to shipment.
G. Extra printed materials and master discs will be returned with shipment of product once the order is paid in full.
H. I will supply an exact duplicate for manufacturing since CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. cannot be held liable for errors or omissions in my client provided design, audio or data masters, my client-supplied proofs, or problems due to computer errors. I understand that by providing production masters and other materials or artwork implies that I have an exact safety copy in another location.
I. CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. reserves the right to refuse service. Cheerfully or otherwise.
J. Rush orders are subject to a custom surcharge if requested as such & turn times are not absolutely guaranteed.
K. Advertising disclaimer: CDPDX/SuperDigital ltd. reserves right to change prices, specs, & quantities mentioned in any ads without notice or obligation.
L. I agree that once I authorize design and audio or data files for replication, I will be charged for any & all work performed, even if project is subsequently canceled. If a project is canceled while in process, I agree to pay for all services rendered up to that time.
M. I agree to limit CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd.’s liability to rerun or refund (at our sole option) on the services performed, providing that the product is deemed defective by reason of workmanship or material.
N. I agree that make-goods will only be equal to the quantity of goods returned directly, and at my expense, to CDPDX/ SuperDigital Ltd.
O. I affirm that I have lawfully obtained all necessary copyrights for the reproduction of recordings, photos, album covers and/or other materials submitted, and indemnify and hold CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd., its employees and contractors harmless for any and all liability and/or claims arising as a result of services and products provided by CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd.
P. I understand that due to normal quality control standards that my order can vary a yield of +-10%.
Q. I agree that I will not hold CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd., its employees and contractors liable for any loss or damage to materials.
R. I agree that CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. makes no express or implied warranties as to the quality of the finished product, and that liability in connection with the work described herein shall be limited to the value of the blank media provided by the client to CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd.
S. I agree that master media, art work, and other preparatory work created or furnished by CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. shall remain its exclusive property unless otherwise specified.
T. I agree that if final payment is not made, CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. may sell or dispose of my materials to recoup & debit owed by me herein.
U. I agree that I will not hold CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd., its employees & contractors in any event liable for any incidental or consequential damages (such as loss of potential revenue) as a result of services & products provided by SuperDigital Ltd. due to errors on its part to client.
V. I understand that claims for shortages or make-goods must be made within ten days after receipt of product and that claims for claims for damaged product must be made with the carrier at the time of delivery. Returns without CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. written authorization really will be refused.
W. I agree CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. is not responsible for storage of materials.
X. I agree that no product is replaced, or credit given, more than thirty (30) days after my receipt of the product.
Y. In the event CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd is forced to retain an attorney to enforce any provisions included herein, I agree to pay SuperDigital Ltd.’s reasonable attorney’s fees.
Z. I agree that turnaround times are not guaranteed & can fluctuate based upon the logistics of manufacturing, the unavoidable delays of subcontractors. We require receipt of all materials including CD/ DVD and print files “ready to go” and with your proof approval. Delivery dates are approximate, subject to normal variations customary in the industry, & beyond the control of SuperDigital Ltd. Where date of shipment is specified in order & SuperDigital Ltd is unable to ship before the date specified, CDPDX/SuperDigital Ltd. shall use its best efforts to ship as soon has possible thereafter and purchaser agrees to accept the merchandise as so shipped. SuperDigital Ltd. disclaims all liability for delays in delivery. Murphy’s Law can make a good case for NOT scheduling any events, parties, or business until you have your product in your hands.