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Q: What about copyright? A: Reproduction rights: If the musical composition is copyrighted, you need to obtain a mechanical reproduction license in order to make copies and distribute them, even if the copies are given away for free (promotional). The publishers usually control the rights for the musical composition. Reproduction rights agencies issue licenses and collect royalties on behalf of their publisher members. You must get a mechanical license in writing. You are required to pay a mechanical royalty based on the quantity you are duplicating. Reproduction rights agencies we recommend: Harry Fox Agency NMPA / HFA 711 Third Avenue New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212-370-5330, Fax: 212-953-2384 Web: / Email: Also ASCAP or BMI collect & distribute royalties that are owed to artists. For information & additional forms call the USA Library of Congress (202-707-9100)

Q: What’s the IPR form? All of our replication plants require you to fill out this form so they don’t get sued for copyright infringement. It’s a PDF form you can download from our site.

Q: How do I submit our Master?

Sending a proofed audio CD-R master is the best way to ensure there are no errors on your duplicates.
The CD must be in stereo 16/44.1 aif as a standard audio CD, IDENTICAL to what u are expecting getting back (Redbook audio standard) We use this as a production master CD. Two seconds between tracks is the default.
DO NOT send us wav or other non RED Book standard files UNLESS you expect to tell us & pay us to convert or master the assembled Production Master CD.
No MP3s, wav or AAC ! We can help you convert formats if needed. But it is going to cost some $ for us to assemble, burn a disc, have you proof it, all before we can make your duplicates.
Label your files with track numbers and make sure the song titles are spelled correctly.
If you have UPC Barcode / ISRC Code / & CD-TEXT data, or special instructions about pauses between tracks, or cross-fades, include this info in a text document or email. Crossfades or special stuff may have a charge for engineering time.
CD-R Masters should be burned as an "audio CD." Nero, Roxio, iTunes can all create Audio CDs. Use quality duplication or archival grade media for your masters and not cheap office store brands or low budget CD's like Memorex.
CD-R Masters have less errors of them if burned between 8x and 16x speed. We are not responsible for errors on duplications due to faulty master CDs.
Send master disc in a protective case and label it "CD Master for Duplication."

Q: What’s a PMCD? A: A PMCD is your Production Master Compact Disc. It is the audio or data in the exact form your replicates will be. We assume you have checked to make sure what you give us is ready to roll because all your discs will be just like this.

Q: I only have the CD burner on my computer to make a PMCD. Is this OK? A: In many cases, yes. Try to use only the highest quality blank CD-R, burn at the proper speed, and make sure your disc is error free. If you have ANY doubt, please have us re-burn on high quality media. This can correct timing errors and reduce BLER and Jitter, two terms that are used to describe bad juju. You don’t want 1000 bad juju do you?

Q: Do you do anything to the sound of my disc? A: No, not unless you specifically pay us to do Mastering. What you provide to us as your master is replicated bit for bit with no changes.

Q: What’s a Glass Master? A: A Glass Master is a part of the stamping mold that your CDs are squished from. It NEVER leaves the plant. Glass master is a 1 time charge. It is free with 1000 CDs. For 500 CDs or DVDs there is a charge included, but it is part of your package typically.

Q: I want a Barcode. How do I get one? A: As a perk, we supply these for free. If we are doing your design, upon your instruction we will place this within the tray card layout. If you are using an outside designer, please request us to send it to them. Bar Codes are typically aligned within a 1.5 inch by .5 inch white box.

Q: I don’t live in your area. How can I get my CDs? A: Cost of shipping via FedEx of your finished CDs to your final destination point will be added when placing your order.

Q: I need someone to design my album cover. How do I find a designer?
A: We can provide all pre-press & design services for you at very competitive rates. Ask for examples! Q: What if I send my print files via your FTP or on a CD? A: While we have to assume you have provided your layout EXACTLY to spec, we can provide computer proofs to check content and positioning. These are not color check proofs. If you need a match print, please call us for prices.

Q: What do I send as digital print files?
A: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or High Resolution PDF-X files. We have print templates on this site, & many more available by asking. We do graphic design in house so you don’t have to worry about this stuff!

Q: What’s my Minimum replicated CD or DVD re-order?
A: 500 for replicated discs. Any quantity for duplicated discs.

Q: How much music or data can I pack on my CD? A: Maximum time you can put on a CD: 80 Minutes or 700 MB of Data. DVD is 4.7 gig or 8 gig for Dual Layer

Q: What do you mean Retail Ready? A: CDs are ready to sell when you pick them up. This includes shrink-wrapping of your eco packaging or poly-wrapping of your jewel cases. The bar code (if requested) will be on the back tray card. Just like major label products.

Q: What are Digipaks and cardboard sleeves? A: We do these too, but typically cost more than standard booklet/jewel case packaging . We also have alternative packaging such as sleeves and clamshells, or DVD cases & new eco sensitive recycled. We can design anything you desire in any form of packaging.

Q: Should I make plans for a CD release party right now? A: DO NOT schedule a release party until you have your product in your hands ! Take into account Murphy’s Law and understand there are sometimes unavoidable delays ! Too often disc manufacturing is in too much of a hurry & is the last thing on the ” to-do list.” Take the time to DO IT RIGHT!

Q: How long does it take? I’m in a hurry! A: Please see the link at the top of this page "Turn Times Explained"

Q: What’s the ISRC code? Click here for ISRC info.

Q: What’s Gracenote? How do I get my songs to be listed?

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