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It's Easy.
Mail us your CD master or bring it to our office:
1150 NW 17th Ave.
Portland, OR

OR via the web:
Follow details below, then just drop it all into our dropbox.
There are two levels of sending your song files to us via the web:

1. CD Assembly Master service for your CD album :
Do not send WAV !!!
Audio files must be .AIF
F at 16 bit, 44.1 kHz resolution.
If you send us WAV files, they must be 16 bit/44.1khz ! Give us any special instructions about CD-Text you provide, ISRC Codes you provide, and gap requirements between songs for your master CD.
Be careful, if you send anything complex, you'll be charged additional.
If you send WAV files which we don't advise. The CD Assembly Master is $45 and will be added to your final bill. We will have to make a CD production master and have you proof it before we can use it for duplication. This will add days to your process.

2. CD Mastering Service

You can also send us higher resolution files as aiff or wav at 24/96, but this would qualify as mastering for us to do the conversions & assembly and possibly EQ & limiting. Cost depends on length of album.
Mastering rates are detailed on our mastering page at

We do not accept uploads of DVD video content, you must send us a physical master DVD disc.


Your files for your album package must be on our templates.
We have templates for many styles of packaging & your "on disc print" located here:
If you are designing your own "on disc print", please don't submit files with a lot of black on them. Our disc printers don't like a lot of black.
You are recommended to use Illustrator with our templates.
We also can assist with layout & design for $50/hour.

Here's where to upload your graphics or audio:

Upload to us