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2 hour Videotape Dub to DVD
2 hour Videotape Dub to DVD

List Price: $31.99
Basic Unit Price: $31.99

How Many Tapes/Records?

Up to 2 hours of your video tape made onto each custom DVD from:
* VHS • 8mm * Hi-8 and Digital 8 * Mini-DV tapes (and professional formats like Beta SP, Digital BetaCam, D2, DVCAM, UMatic, SVHS at addtl cost.)

Free extra DVD copy!
This price is for a dub from one or two tapes. Your limit is 2 hours total for the DVD. Multiple sources to single DVD are an extra video editing charge & depend on what you want made.
We offer quantity discounts for large collection transfers. Digital archiving can make tapes easily accessible again, & act as a Rosetta Stone for the future.