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Records to CD
We are audiophile experts for making "Records into CD".

We convert 33, 45, or 78 rpm into a beautiful sounding CD.

Your record transfer includes a professional de-click & de-noising process for a
n amazing CD dub. This makes vinyl records sound better than ever.

  • Rates at a glance: LP $31.99 • Double LP $37 • 45, EP, Recordio, or 78 $24.80
  • Gentle wash before play for optimum dub quality: $5/disc
  • $25/quarter hour if you want our engineer's supervised assistance. We did this for a Beatles Magical Mystery Tour master acetate transfer recently.
  • 78's, & custom made or specialty records, and ones made out of paper like a Recordio disc, sometimes require extra attention that makes the transfer cost more than basic price.
  • Good Quantity discounts for collections. Call us!
  • We index the CD to the album track or obvious unambiguous pause for $8 extra.
  • We use JVC/Taiyo Yuden silver discs. They invented the formula and are regarded as having a very long life. So the technical integrity of the disc is from the very best manufacturer.
  • We use audiophile stylus & preamp technology. Technics SL-1200/Stanton Stylus/Nakamichi preamp. Your disc is dust brushed only if it needs it.
  • Small quantity Color Digital Printing Available for the Compact Disc or paper inserts -call us for details and pricing.
  • Obviously we can't do much for physically damaged records. Skips, or scratches may be an inherent part of the transfer. Whenever possible we try another pass at the questionable area, sometimes varying the stylus pressure or digitally editing past the problem.
  • We can transfer your records to any common digital music file format like mp3, or Itunes® AAC, so you can play the transferred records back on your computer or Ipod too!
  • Preserve & enjoy again your favorite memories !

45 Dub to CD
45 Dub to CD
Basic Unit Price: $14.95

45 rpm record dubbed to a JVC Taiyo Yuden Compact Disc. Digital click and pop noise reduction included. Its a super long life way for you to store a digitized physical copy of your favorite music. Like this rare copy of "Who Are the Brain Police?" by The Mothers of Invention
78's &  Recordios transfered to CD
78's & Recordios transfered to CD
Basic Unit Price: $23.80

Recordios, Presto, audiodisc, Voice-O-Graph, DuoDisc, Wilcox Gay, Silvertone, Soundcraft, or other homemade 78 Records put onto CD. We also include paper records in this price.
LP Record Album Transfer to CD
LP Record Album Transfer to CD
Basic Unit Price: $31.99

We convert 33 rpm into a beautiful sounding professional grade digital JVC silver CD. Your record transfer includes our professional digital de-click & de-noising process. And track indexing if you want it.
Technics SL1200 • Stanton cartridge • Nakamichi phono preamp