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Media Conversion Services

Records, Cassettes and analog tape to computer format files
We can take your sound media of cassettes, tape reels, records, & DAT
and convert it to a common digital sound format like mp3, Itunes, wma, m4a, or high quality 24 bit wav or standard 16 bit aiff CD format files.)

We convert Corporate, Educational, Family & Institutional Collections

Conversion of your media to digital gives you the ability to have a database. The storage of your media in can be made in several different digital file formats.
Our state of the art conversion hardware & software can convert large libraries of media to make them easy to access via computer.
Your media can be accessible to anyone on the planet to view, listen, & download. And it can been stored on your hard drive or secure server.

We can embed metadata relating to information, date, title, subject, etc. for an easily searchable database.

We can output your project to CD, DVD, Hard Drive,
or place files online to your remote server using our highspeed lines.

Your media can be made accessible to any user 24/7 worldwide.

Your specific library needs can be discussed with our staff. Please call us at 503-228-2222

We digitize it!