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Cassette Transfer to CD Service

Cassette to CDWe transfer your tape from analog into a Digital Audio Workstation. There we can see the waveform & edit points. We normalize (maximize) the loudness levels to the peak on your tape. We then edit the start & finish and make an excellent archival quality digital CD copy on JVC Professional Media.
High quality playback! We make the cassette dub sound great with our professional Nakamichi and Tascam players and Pro Tools digital audio workstations.

Sometimes we have to use 2 CD's to fit all your material if you submit a 90 minute cassette.

Family history, music, kids singing at Christmas... we do it all !

We have converted thousands of tapes to CD.

Mini or Microcassette to CD
Mini or Microcassette to CD
Basic Unit Price: $30.00

Mini or Microcassette transfer to CD. Up to 60 minutes. Digital noise reduction is applied when possible. Transferred to a JVC silver professional CD with Jewelcase included.
Got family history? Digitize it!
Cassette to CD Transfer
Cassette to CD Transfer
Basic Unit Price: $31.99

High quality Cassette to CD transfer onto archival grade silver JVC media.
Hand transferred by our audio engineer thru the best equipment and edited or enhanced when needed.
Your specific requests are not a problem.