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Videotapes Made Into DVD

Digital archiving can make old family videos accessible again, & preserve for the future.

What video tape formats we can do:
VHS, Mini-DV, Hi-8, Video 8, Digital 8
Videotape, VHS with PAL Format, DVCAM, Digital Betacam,Betacam SP, Umatic,
hard drive, Firewire, or SD card camcorder. Quantity discounts for large collection transfers. Please call us at 503 228 2222.

Super family gift!

2 hour Videotape Dub to DVD
Basic Unit Price: $31.99

Videotape made into a DVD
Up to 2 hours of your video tape made onto each custom DVD from : * VHS * Hi-8 tapes * Mini-DV tapes Free extra DVD copy!
8mm Movie Film Transferred to DVD
Basic Unit Price: $40.00

Film Transfers: 8mm, Super 8mm to DVD, or your choice of digital formats for extra fee.
Basic Unit Price: $40.00

Betacam home format that Sony made in competition with VHS.
We have a deck that plays this home format.
Umatic Videocassette to DVD
Basic Unit Price: $49.99

15 years ago the standard for broadcast video was UMatic. These big bulky tapes need a professional machine to play.
BetacamSP to DVD
Basic Unit Price: $50.00

BetacamSP to DVD .This is the professional format used in TV stations in the 90's.
16mm Movie film Transferred to DVD
Basic Unit Price: $75.00

16mm Film Transfer to DVD. Sound included if it on the film. Silent if its not.

16mm film is 22¢ per foot with a $75 minimum for conversion to digital.